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Magic Truffles For Sale – Buy Psilocybin Magic Truffles

Fresh vacuum-sealed, ready-to-eat Magic Truffles!

What are Magic Truffles?
Magic Truffles are actually Sclerotia, the underground product of different types of Magic Mushrooms. Magic Truffles give the user an unforgettable spiritual experience. The active substance in magic truffles is psilocybin, the same as in magic mushrooms.
Magic Truffles are as old as the world and go by very different names like: The Philosopher Stones, Space truffles, Sclerotia, and a lot more. In our webshop we sell:
• The Psilocybe hollandia
• The Psilocybe utopia
• The Psilocybe atlantis
• The Psilocybe tampanensis
• The Psilocybe pajaritos
• The Psilocybe mexicana

How much does one portion contain?
Every portion of the separate vacuum sealed portions contains 15 gram Magic Truffles. Thanks to our high quality standards we deliver Magic Truffles with a high potency. That’s why we recommend first time users to take half a portion.
When you get more experienced you can better determining the correct dose for you. It can be the difference between a positive and negative experience. A low dose can cause irritation and can be uncomfortable. A too high dose can be frightening. Each individual reacts differently to various substances and dosages: Finding the appropriate amount that works for you is the trick.
Here’s an easy to use dosage schedule for Magic Truffles:
• 05-10 grams for a light trip for starters,
• 10-25 grams for a medium trip,
• 25-60 grams for a trip to the highest level for true psychonauts.

How long is the shelf life?
All magic truffles we produce and ship are vacuum sealed with a technique that is also used in the food industry. This is why our products are kept fresh for as long as possible. Magic Truffles are a living organism. The sooner you consume, the better the taste and the effect will be.
Keep your Magic Truffles in a cool environment, preferably in the fridge. When the Magic Truffles are kept cool you can keep them for 3 months. After 3 months have expired the freshness of the product can no longer be guaranteed.
How to use
These vacuum separate sealed portions of Magic Truffles are ready to consume. Just open the package and consume them. But before that determine the correct dose for you.
Magic truffles are intended for persons of 18 years or older. You get the best effect when taken the Magic Truffles on an empty stomach. You can eat them freshly, or make tea of it, or do both. Effects are noticeable after 20-40 minutes and will, depending on the dose, maintain 4-6 hours.
Always have a sober person present. Never take part in traffic while under the influence of Magic Truffles.
Read all about tripping here.

How to microdose Psilocybin truffles

Ideally, a microdose will not cause a substantial change in mood, disposition, or mindset. Instead, its effect will be subtle but present. To get to this sweet spot, it’s important to find the right dose.

Different strains of truffles will have different psilocybin contents. Usually they’re packaged in 15g boxes, which are with a potency level between 1 and 5. Determining standardized potencies for sclerotia is somewhat trickier than for fully grown mushrooms, but you can assume that 1g of fresh truffles will contain between 0.75 and 1.75mg of psilocybin, adding 0.25mg/g for each higher number on the potency scale.

The most precise way to microdose is to grind a mild to moderate batch of psilocybin truffles into a powder and measure out around 0.5g as a starter dose. You can then adjust the amount accordingly after your first attempt.

Which Magic Truffles are for sale?

We sell in our Mushroomshop psychedelic truffles from the brands McSmart and Royal Magic Truffles. Both produce top quality truffles grown by mycologists. These are mushroom experts that contain the knowledge to produce fresh truffles with high levels of psilocybin. Of course, this is desirable for an amazing trip!

Buy Magic Truffles For Sale

What are Magic Psychedelic Truffles, and how do they come about?

Magic Truffles (sclerotia) grow between the hyphae and are created by the mycelium, a network of hyphal threads / hyphae. The mycelium is located underground and when the climate is favourable then the fruits start to shoot (Magic Mushrooms) from the ground. For times when the climate is not favourable for the mycelium to grow its mushrooms, this fungal network creates a kind of emergency storage ration full of nutrients called the sclerotia (Truffle). Just like the magic mushroom, this psychedelic truffle contains high levels of the substance Psilocybin. They are of course not called MAGIC truffles for nothing. Psychedelic Truffles belong to Entheogenic substances. Known for raising awareness, these resources are often used for relaxation and spiritual or psychological purposes.

Use of Psychedelic Magic Truffles

Psychedelic truffles (Sclerotia) can be consumed straight from the pack when you want to start your trip. It is best to start your magical truffle journey on an empty stomach. To promote the effect, it is very important to chew the psychedelic truffles long and well before you swallow them. If you find truffles (Sclerotia) unappetizing, you could also make tea with truffles. You do this by cutting the psychedelic truffles into wedges and letting them steep in boiled hot water for 20 minutes before drinking the tea.

What are the effects of Magical Psychedelic Truffles?

About 50 min. after ingestion, a true journey begins. Senses double and a warm feeling in your lower abdomen begins to unravel. Music is experienced as something divine while taking Psilocybin. Hallucinations, geometric patterns, different perspectives in the mind, philosophy, moving objects, increasing consciousness and intense colors are the effects that a trip on magical truffles can bring about. The trip lasts between 5 and 8 hours, and the effects are comparable to those of the psychedelic magic mushroom. Magic Truffles For Sale

Dosage Psychedelic Magic Truffles

Note: “Dosing your truffle equals wisdom”. The goal is to gain a nice experience with the use of a psychedelic truffle. By increasing your dosage, you will learn exactly which amount of truffles and its effects suit you best. If you eat all the truffles in one sitting and the trip is too heavy and unpleasant for you, what have you learned? Nothing, except that you did not have a pleasant experience during your trip. This would be a waste of your experience, time, and money Magic Truffles For Sale

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